By Nazeli Grigoryan
2019-12-05 12:56
The Performance “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in Focus
Screening of the famous novel by American writer Ken Kesey has had great success, won five Oscars, the unique commentary of which was done at the National Academic Theater after Sundukyan by the People's Artist of the Republic of Armenia, artistic director of the theater Armen Elbakyan.

“I really like the movie, it's a great movie. The film did a great job in its time, but the biggest thing was done by Ken Keys, writing this wonderful work, which I think is one of the best literary works of the 20th century, "said Armen Elbakyan, raising the question why theaters should not Reflect on it, "why should we not today try again and again to understand what a totalitarian regime is, what a human being is capable of in order to escape reality. This novel was a great opportunity to raise these questions.”

“This work has a very modern sound, it has a lot to do with our time. Of course, we have some questions about how we imagine time. We have tried to break the timing, because all that is going on in this case has no time, is out of time. He has time, and he doesn't. The time is not important, but what the purpose of life is, how a human being should try to liberate himself from the chaos around us,” - the artistic director of the theater emphasized.

The director of the play assures that they have tried to stay close to the novel, and if the story in the film is told through the eyes of the director, in this case it is told in the eyes of the Indian, as Ken Keys wrote. The director made use of the original, attempting to look at Kizi's position while keeping the course of his novel written.

Every performance is the wealth of the theater, every pioneer holiday for the theater, which comes to write a new page in the history of theater, assures director of the National Academic Theater after Gabriel Sundukyan Vardan Mkrtchyan.

“As the director of the theater, I am confident and calm that I have received a brilliant, capital performance, an exemplary group performance. I am proud and happy to have such a quality performance on our stage.”

The main character in the play is Mac Murphy's Honored Artist of Armenia Armen Margaryan, who did not try to make a comparison with Jack Nicholson in the character creation.

“I want to see not only the representation of the main character, but also the whole canvas where all the characters are important and a significant part of the story is all the actors. After all, the main character comes to a psychiatric hospital and, seeing all this, thinks about himself, wants to run away, but then realizes that he has not come here for himself, but has come to save others,” - the actor said, adding that even if the play is played once, the three months of rehearsals will be appreciated.

Gary Kesayan wrote music for the performance. He said that Armen Elbakyan's handwriting is in line with his thinking.

“There are subtle psychological moments in the creation of the characters, in everything that the music already derives from the script, the thinking. His ideas are very musical. It is very easy for me to write music and work with Armen Elbakyan. There is a main theme in the work, two additional themes, a blend of classical music and jazz,” - said Kesayan.

Armen Elbakyan continued that music has a dramaturgical structure.

By the way, the full name of the hero, Mac Murphy, is Randall Patrick Mac Murphy, which is an abbreviation and means "revolution in one minute."

The play will also be on the stage this year on December 6 and 13, and then late January.