Author։ H. Tsatryan
2019-12-11 23:13
The Best Football Player of Armenia 2019 will be Decided in January
Unlike in previous years, this time the Armenian Football Federation will hold the competition of the best football player and coach of the year not the end of the year, but next year.

The Football Federation of Armenia has released a short statement on its official website announcing the selection of the best player and coach of the year in January 2020. Currently, the National Assembly is preparing for an extraordinary meeting of the organization, during which the election of a new leadership - the president and the executive committee - is expected, and they seem to have forgotten about another very important event.

A statement posted on the official website of the National Bank says the decision was made by the agency, but it is not clear which body is responsible for the decision. Thus, the voting for the "Best Footballer of the Year" and "Best Coach of the Year" nominations for 2019 will take place in January 2020.

As to the format and timing of the annual competition, the AF is going to release an additional announcement.

It should be noted that the results of the voting in 2018 won the "Best Player of the Year" Marcos Pizzelli, and the "Pyunik" former head coach Andrey Talaalev was recognized the strongest in the "Best Coach of the Year" nomination.