By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-12-13 00:27
Film Library. The Story of Life of Champion Fahim Muhammad in a New Film
A new biographical film from French production about world chess champion Fahim Muhammad.

The young chess player was born in 2000 in Bangladesh. He then immigrated to France. Today it is represented by France during the tournaments. At the heart of the script is the story of the chess player.

The director and screenwriter of "Fahim" is Pierre-François Martin-Laval. Starring Gerard Depardieu, Isabel Nanti, Asad Ahmed, Pierre Gomme and others.

Forced to flee his native Bangladesh, eight-year-old chess player Fahim arrives in Paris with his father. As illegal immigrants, they find themselves homeless and in despair.

By chance, Fahimi is introduced to one of France's best chess coaches in France, Silvain (real name is Javier Parmentier), who teaches him lessons and instills a sense of purpose in his youth. Fahim's fight on the chessboard reflects both his victories and his crushing defeats in real life struggles.

Fahim participates in local and national tournaments. And only in 2012 did he become the champion of the French U-12 Championship.

The film tells the story of a teenager who learns to live without his parents, away from home, from his roots and language. Fahim's story is not only about the cruel and gloomy realities of fake care, but also a heartfelt testimony of his father's determination, the kindness of strangers, and the courage of a little boy to succeed.