By Gayane Melikyan
2019-12-15 16:12
Best Gift Ideas for New Year 2020
To make a special gift to a loved one, loved one on the eve of or on the occasion of the upcoming new year is certainly the most exciting thing that makes this holiday magical and fabulous.

There is not much time left until the New Year. He is looking forward to not only children, but also adults. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that already today many are thinking about what to present to relatives and friends.

Gifts for children for the New Year

New Year's holiday is a great occasion to give kids educational toys.

For children under three years old, you can choose large designers, toys with buttons of different shapes, sets for playing in the snow, balls of different sizes and colors, pyramids, as well as developmental rugs.

For older girls, you can choose a board game, a set of children's cosmetics, a set for experiments, a notebook with colored pencils or pens, an easel for drawing, unusual clothes, a puzzle or a backpack.

You can choose a fascinating book for a boy, a children's tent in the form of an unusual house or wigwam, sledges, skates or skis, a railway, a machine on a control panel, a transformer or a robot.

For teenage children, gifts such as a smartphone, smart watch, tablet, game console or joystick, new sneakers, virtual reality glasses are suitable. New technologies - is it not something that captivates the younger generation.

DIY New Year Gifts

Of course, what you can do yourself as a gift for your beloved and dear person never goes out of fashion. Hundreds and even thousands of ideas can be found for this. It can be either useful gifts for daily use, or original souvenirs that will simply please and give positive every day.

What to give for the New Year - New Year's souvenirs

Considering that 2020 is the year of the rat according to the Eastern calendar, at New Year's fairs you will find many nice souvenirs with this rodent in a variety of reincarnations. Moreover, in eastern countries, the rat is a symbol of wealth, purity, prosperity and integrity.

New Year's Goodies

It seems that this is exactly what will never cease to be the most successful gift on this or that holiday. And in the New Year, sweets, treats, favorite drinks as a gift can especially please. After all, they will never become what will eventually gather dust on a shelf. Interestingly decorated goodies are a suitable gift for both children and adults.

Cookies, candies, chocolate, marshmallows, sweets, fruits - all this can become a “building material” for decorating bouquets, baskets, or filling gift wraps in the form of various boxes and bags with New Year's images. In this case, it all depends on your imagination.

Corporate Gifts

Presenting something special to the team for the New Year is a great occasion not only to cheer up your team, but also the opportunity to establish a working atmosphere, as well as strengthen business relations. Everyone knows that the key to productive work is a favorable atmosphere in the team.

In this case, you can present as a common gift, which will be used together, and each member of the team individually. It can be board games, puzzles, kits for spending time together or souvenirs, office stuff, items for daily use, such as business card holders, memory cards and more.