2019-12-16 09:50
Youth Initiative and Project Proposal Development
The youth of the two youth capitals of Lori marz will collaborate on the implementation of new initiatives and programs.

Young people from the Youth Capitals of RA 2015 and 2019 Stepanavan and Vanadzor (Lori Province) participated in the project “Youth Initiative and Project Proposal Development” on December 7-11 in Vanadzor. It was implemented by KAMK Lori Youth Programs Center NGO with the support of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport with the aim of bringing together the active youth of the two Lori provinces (Stepanavan in 2015 and Vanadzor in 2019) and developing stakeholder initiatives, projects developing and managing skills.

The project also aimed to promote the cooperation of young people from Vanadzor and Stepanavan cities, the implementation of joint new initiatives and programs and active participation in the social, political, economic, cultural processes of Lori Province.

After developing and managing software development and management skills, the beneficiaries gained knowledge of fundraising, became familiar with fundraising strategies and key sources. Their attention was also given to the grants and peculiarities of grants given by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport for the implementation of the goals and priorities of the RA State Youth Policy.

According to Nazeli Avagyan, president of the KAMK Youth Center for Youth Programs in Lori, the Youth Initiative and Project Proposal project not only provided collaboration and joint projects to the youth of the Stepanavan and Vanadzor communities, but also developed individual and social skills of the beneficiary youth, abilities: “In this regard, I think the project will also help to alleviate the employment problem of the beneficiaries, since they can already develop grant programs, manage those programs, fundraise, and receive project writing from other organizations or individuals, work or get involved in different NGOs. in staffing as software developers, project managers or coordinators.”