By Gayane Melikyan
2019-12-16 10:39
The Oldest Hotel in the World was Opened Over 1314 Years Ago
In 705, the enterprising Japanese Fujiwara Mahito decided to open a hotel.

Probably, this fact would not have been preserved in history, but the fact is that the Nishiyama Onsen Keyunkan Hotel accepts guests today, and in 2011 this institution was officially entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest hotel in the world. The compilers of the book could not be found a more ancient hotel, preserved until the 21st century.

After Fujiwara Mahito died, his business passed to his son, and then to his heirs. The Nishiyama Onsen Keyunkan Hotel is now managed by the 52nd generation of the founder’s descendants. Surprisingly, all these years the owners of the establishment were members of the same family! Fujiwara Mahito himself was an assistant to Emperor Tenji. Perhaps the patronage of the emperor was one of the reasons for the popularity of this hotel.

The hotel is located in Yamanashi Prefecture on Honshu Island. There is no sea beach, it takes several hours to get to the famous sorrow of Fuji from here. But the owners of the hotel do not complain about the lack of customers. The fact is that there are thermal springs nearby, therefore, not only residents of Japan, but also tourists from all over the world come here to improve their health. By the way, the hotel itself is also heated with natural hot water, it also goes to the water taps in the rooms.

In ancient times, the Nishiyama Onsen Keyunkan Hotel was popular among Japanese warriors who, after fighting, came here to heal wounds and thank the gods for being alive in the battle. The building itself has been rebuilt many times over many centuries, but its location remains the same.

Currently, the hotel has about 40 rooms, several bathtubs, some of which are indoors, and the rest are in the open. Despite the fact that the staff is fluent in English, the traditions of old Japan are strictly preserved. For example, guests dine not at the tables, but sitting on the tatami. Even wearing traditional Japanese clothing is recommended. Despite the preservation of traditions, prices here are quite up to date.

A day in an ordinary double room will cost 35,000 yen, which is more than $ 300. Tourists will be gladly told who of the emperors or noble military leaders had previously stayed at the Nishiyama Onsen Keyunkan Hotel. For example, Tokugawa Leyasu, founder of the Tokugawa Shogun Dynasty. The last major overhaul was carried out in 1998. Despite the fact that this was on the eve of the 21st century, television and the Internet were not provided in the rooms. After all, they come here in order to take a break from the “blessings” of modern civilization, to be alone with oneself, to heal not only the body, but also the soul.

For a long time, both men and women took water procedures at the same time. But, from the middle of the twentieth century, separate baths began to be allocated for them. Or set a specific time for members of different sexes. Before the procedure, wash thoroughly with soap. And in the bath you must strictly follow certain rules. For example, you can’t even talk loudly.

Thermal springs, and there are about 26,000 of them in Japan, are a good business. But, even in conditions of high competition, the oldest hotel in the world remains one of the most popular in the country.