By Mariam Hovuni
2019-12-17 10:05
Chimney Sweeper Brings Happiness, and Sauna Cleanness; Such is the Estonian New Year
If you want the year to be clean and healthy, you should celebrate it in the sauna, if you agree with this idea, then hurry to Estonia, where the New Year is quite "hot", yes, it is mostly welcomed in saunas.

Of course, not all Estonians do this, otherwise you would not meet people celebrating the New Year in the streets, and there are such. They play trumpets and cymbals on the streets.

There are many tourists in Estonia on New Year's Eve. Here you can enjoy the wonderful Winter Country, which offers excellent snow architecture to its guests.

It is celebrated in many countries around the world as well as on January 1st. As many Russians live in Estonia, the New Year begins one hour before the battle of the notable clock, according to Russian time. The main holiday of the year is noisy and fun.

By the way, in Estonia, as well as in Austria and Scotland, the new year brings happiness to the street chimney sweeper who must have the necessary things to do the job.

Let's add that this country officially celebrates 26 holidays, half of which is relaxing. The most popular holidays in Estonia are May and April. It is only in this period that the influx of tourists around the world begins.