By Roza Grigoryan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-12-23 21:15
Holiday Gifts and Wishes under the Branches of Christmas Tree
The Be Happy initiative runs a unique charity action on North Avenue from December 21 to January 13.

In one of the most favorite places of Yerevan a unique Christmas tree has been installed and every person has the opportunity to leave presents and wishes under the branches of the Christmas tree. The Be Happy Initiative will send gifts and wishes to people living in different parts of Armenia and in need of these things who believe in the New Year miracle, spreading happiness everywhere.

“The New Year is accompanied by miracle and happiness. And happiness is not complete unless you can share it. A happy Christmas tree gives you the opportunity to share happiness with people who need it. Thus, through this initiative, everyone can be happy and happy with others. Each of us can become a Santa Claus of one kind, that's the mystery of the New Year's miracle,” - say the authors of the Be Happy Initiative.

As part of the promotion, the gifts under the Christmas tree must be new or almost new. This is the only obligatory condition. The gifts will be distributed through charities that are constantly carrying out this work. The Christmas tree will carry out the main functions every day from 18:00 to 22:00, presenting an interesting schedule all day long.

Be Happy is a non-profit initiative, a movement that aims to spread happiness. The authors of the initiative are people from different backgrounds who are united around one common idea. They will not say how to be happy because every person knows for himself what happiness is and the way to achieve it is different for everyone. The authors of the initiative, however, are convinced that people need to plan happiness, create it, make it happy, and make others happy. The rally on North Avenue carries this whole ideology.

It should also be noted that the Be Happy Initiative presents on its page the views of various and well-known and not so well known people on happiness. In the short clips of the initiative you will meet a variety of famous people, professionals and, who knows, maybe your neighbor or relative where they will share their perception of happiness.

In these clips, people answer a few simple questions: “What is happiness for you” and “What do you do to achieve happiness or if you have achieved to maintain it?”