By Mariam Hovuni
2019-12-24 23:52
“Armenian Epic. From Word to Image”
The opening ceremony of the exhibition “Armenian Epic. From Word to Image” was held at the Ara Sargsyan and Hakob Kojoyan House-Museum, branch of the National Gallery of Armenia.

2019 marks the 1000th anniversary of the National Epic. This exhibition aims to introduce the public works of art on epic themes, once again highlighting its role and place in the life of the Armenian people.

According to Zara Dilanyan, the curator of the exhibition, the exhibition is of great cognitive importance. Every such jubilee refreshes our historical memory, paying tribute to our great honors in preserving national values.

“In 1939, Armenia celebrated the 1000th anniversary of the epic, and this year we are celebrating the 80th anniversary of that millennium. There has been cooperation with the Orbeli House-Museum since Joseph Orbeli has been the curator of the 1000th anniversary celebrations, organized a number of festivals, exhibitions,” - said the exhibition's curator.

By the way, during the celebrations there was also an exhibition of “The Age of David of Sasun” where the works of artists dedicated to the epic were presented, materials related to that period were exhibited.

The exhibition featured individual works, editions of different years, etc.

It should be noted that many Armenian artists were inspired by the heroic characters of the epic. Every artist has his own interpretation of the epic. In the works of Hakob Kojoyan, Sedrak Rashmajyan, Yervand Kochar and others, the characters are distinguished by different artistic solutions.