Author: H․ Tsatryan
2019-12-27 21:10
Erebuni Won Gyumri
In the 8th round of VBet Armenian Basketball League Erebuni and Gyumri competed.

The Erebuni-Gyumri match of the 8th round of VBet basketball league took place at Yerevan State University gym. Erebuni, which represents Yerevan at home, confidently started the first quarter. 18-2 account was registered.

Until the big break, Erebuni was able to increase its advantage. With the score 44-15, the teams started the third quarter. In such a situation it was difficult to have high hopes that Gyumri would be able to win, though in basketball everything could be possible. Even here, the decimal seconds are important, decisive.

In the third quarter, Gyumri managed to reduce the score by 14 points, but the team continued to lose 43-58. In the final and decisive quarter, the guests had a new breath, but the poor play in the middle left its mark on the final score of the match. Gyumri again won in the quarter, but the advantage was only 2 points, with a final score of 76-63 in favor of Erebuni.

The most effective player of the match was Eileen Club member Skyler Braves. He scored 30 points in this game.