By Mariam Hovuni
2019-12-27 22:15
New Year in Germany
New Year is not a family holiday in Germany. All Germans leave their homes on New Year's Eve and celebrate the New Year in the streets, squares, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

On that day masquerades and festive marches are held. Fireworks definitely happen. According to ancient tradition, fire and light are driven out by evil spirits. These days the Germans drink and eat a lot, rejoice, have fun, dance and sing. New Year is a noisy and emotional holiday in Germany. German little ones are waiting for Santa Nicolas, who sits on a donkey in the German cities and gives presents to children.

In Germany, the New Year is celebrated until the start of the holiday, wishing each other a "good slide" on the holiday, thus wishing each other a good start to the year. After the New Year, the congratulations are changed to Frohes Neues!

While decorating the New Year's table in Germany, dishes made from riverside, as well as apples and nuts, are a must. The German Christmas table is full of different dishes. Traditional New Year dishes include rocket and fondue, which prepare for a long dinner and table conversations.

The Germans used to fish at the table on New Year's Eve, but now the practice is less common. Silver carpets are thought to make money in the new year. Fish dishes, such as red salmon, are also common.

The most important part of the New Year's dinner is called "der Lebekuchen", a honey-sweetie. That “real miracle” made of flour, sugar, and raisins in the 16th century could sometimes be as long as one bench. No matter what animal year the Chinese horoscope will be in, people often give each other glass or porcelain piglets, which are mostly treasures.