By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-12-28 10:50
“Christmas Mood”: Another Fashion Evening for Kids was Held
Another gorgeous, year-end showcase of the Kids Fashion Day project dedicated to the New Year. The organizers of the event, Rubina Grigoryan and Carmen Ghazaryan, had chosen an interesting theme for both the previous and original screenings, calling it "Christmas Mood".

The event was accompanied by beautiful concert performances, and the launch was entrusted to singer Astghik Safaryan.

The main faces of the show are the beautiful sisters Irina and Lusine Tovmasyan, with their wonderful little children wearing beautiful Belle Ange dresses.

Old and permanent professional models of the project, as well as the children who completed the new three-month course, also participated in the exhibition.

Carmen Ghazaryan and Rubina Grigoryan have one goal - to reach out and find the little ones who love the fashion world and want to be on stage, and after organizing and learning the skills, they set up the platform they dream of in the fashion world. loving baby.

The event lasted about three hours. The guests enjoyed the great mood in the hall, and the small models enjoyed the applause and warm welcome.