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2020-06-12 19:36
The Office of High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs launched a series of webinars in close collaboration with Armenian National Institute of Health, Armenian Medical International Committee and “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund Since April 2.

The Office informed that the participants included frontline healthcare providers from Armenia and Diaspora. The aim of professional webinars is to discuss procedures of prevention and treatment of pandemic, possible approaches in special cases, as well as to exchange experience, to expand all-Armenian medical network, to bring together the professional potential of worldwide healthcare providers having joint the initiative in an available platform. 

19 webinars conducted so far covered the virus related topics, such as critical care, pharmacy, child health, radiology, management of pregnancy, safety of personal protective equipment and control of infection, cardiology, proper work of emergency service, anesthesiology, endocrinology,  neurology, sampling techniques, etc. 

Since the fight against coronavirus continues more and more healthcare providers from Armenia and Diaspora join the medical webinars. While in April the number of specialists in webinar discussions was 40, it exceeds 100 in each of May-June webinars. 

Due to participation of Armenian American Nurses Association in organizing special webinars with participation of nurses, hundreds of nurses from almost all regions of Armenia and Yerevan were provided with the opportunity to join professional discussions and gain new experience.  

The webinars were led by highly qualified Diaspora Armenian doctors working in world known universities and medical institutions. 

“Faced with the coronavirus epidemic, the whole world is going through difficult times. We continuously reconsider and update the joint efforts with our colleagues worldwide, including Armenia and Artsakh. Due to modern platforms, we easily shifted our collaboration in virtual environment, by keeping “vis-à-vis” discussions and exchanging experience and information. That allowed us to better understand the situation and get ready for the best care of our patients, relatives and ourselves. We continue our efforts and are thankful to all healthcare institutions and colleagues participated in this bilateral event. Special thanks to Office of High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs and Armenian National Institute of Health for supporting these strategic global efforts aimed at mutual welfare of our societies”, stressed Vigen Sepilyan, the Chairman of Armenian Medical International Committee.

“Diaspora played an important role in fight against coronavirus in Armenia from the very beginning. Parallel to detection of first cases, the Armenian healthcare providers of LA started to purchase personal protective equipment to support Armenia. This initiative brought local and Diaspora providers closer than ever. It is a valid proof of our cooperation, the consolidation and readiness of the Diaspora to support the homeland”, said Zareh Sinanyan, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs.


Professional translation and ZOOM during webinars were provided by USAID funded Armenia Support Initiative and conducted by “Management Systems International.