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Translated and edited by Anush Muradyan

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2020-06-18 18:51
Portugal and Greece, after opening their borders for international tourists since June 15, record comparatively lower rates of the pandemic and implement more efficient measures to control the virus.

Both countries face financial risks as long as they do not receive tourists, reports CNN.

António Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal, believes that the Country remains as appealing as ever, however it has launched a new campaign aimed at safety. “All the reasons that attract tourists to visit Portugal endure”, says the Prime Minister.

Portugal has the lowest death rate due to COVID-19, only 1520 deaths for a country with an overall 11 million population. The Government shares hope that its strategy will increase the numbers of tourist visits.

The situation is similar in Greece, where 90% of the State Revenue consists of international tourism earnings. Having much less number of deaths compared to Portugal, Greece is considered the safest travel destination among the Mediterrean Sea countries for this summer. This is a result of only 200 deaths and 3,000 cases of COVID-19 infection for the 11 million population.

Tourism alone has helped Greece overcome the 10-year long crisis, and now it seems the same financial issues that could reduce the economic growth may arise. In attempts to improve tourism, the Government of Greece introduced an extensive agenda, covering the public health substructures as well.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister of Greece, taking into account multiple challenges, mentioned that the upcoming months will show a “different summer”.