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2020-07-04 11:17
On June 23, an online event launched the $1 million, three-year "Technical Assistance to the Audit Chamber of the Republic of Armenia" collaborative activity.

According to the USAID-Armenia press release received by ArmInfo, the  United States Government, through USAID, signed an inter-agency  agreement with the U.S.  Government Accountability Office (GAO)  Center for Audit Excellence to provide capacity building, training,  and consultancy services to the Audit Chamber, the Supreme Audit  Institution of Armenia. Through this activity, the GAO will also help  implement the requirements of the 2018 Republic of Armenia law  related to the Audit Chamber, directing them to adhere and adopt  international audit standards. The Comptroller General of the United  States and Head of the GAO Gene Dodaro and USAID Chief Financial  Officer Reginald Mitchell who had planned to travel to Armenia for  the launch prior to the COVID-19 crisis, instead virtually joined the  Chair of Armenia's Audit Chamber Levon Yolyan, U.S. Ambassador to  Armenia Lynne Tracy and USAID/Armenia Mission Director Deborah  Grieser to celebrate the launch. 

"Today marks another significant milestone for the Audit Chamber. We  now look forward to the successful partnership to help the Audit  Chamber address some of the key issues identified and make  improvements to strengthen its institutional policies and other  procedures." said Mr. Dodaro. 

This is USAID/Armenia's second agreement with the GAO Center for  Audit Excellence.  Under the previous agreement, the GAO conducted a  needs assessment at the Audit Chamber to evaluate its strengths,  weaknesses and needs. This activity builds on the recommendations  from the needs assessment and is in line with the Armenian  government's public financial management reform strategy. 

"The role of the Audit Chamber is crucial in terms of strengthening  the accountability, transparency and integrity of government  institutions. This new activity is part of overall U.S. government  support for the reforms initiated by the Armenian Government and its  efforts to combat corruption. This activity will be implemented by  the GAO, which is considered to be the "golden standard" for audit  institutions around the world," said Ambassador Tracy.   

The Audit Chamber plays an important oversight role in strengthening  the accountability, transparency and integrity of government and  public entities in the country, as well as influencing citizens'  confidence in public institutions and ensuring that public resources  are used in ways that reduce corruption risks, maximize value for  money, and deliver results.

"As the head of the Audit Chamber, I would like to thank our partners  for their valuable support in developing the Audit Chamber,  especially in the midst of the pandemic," said Mr. Yolyan. "This  event is the result of the joint effort. We will try to get the most  out of this partnership to be a more impactful institution."