Content by Narine Galstyan
Translated and edited by Anush Muradyan

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2020-07-12 10:11
In December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution (A/RES/69/145) declaring July 15th as World Youth Skills Day.

The goal of such initiative is to raise awareness towards the importance of making investments in developing youth skills, as well as to improve the social-economic conditions in order to eliminate unemployment.

By declaring such a day, UN aims at highlighting the role of the youth in sustainable development, reminding about investments in youth healthcare, vocational training and employment processes.

In the hearing of the United Nations General Assembly for such initiative, representatives from Sri Lanka raised concern regarding the increased rates of youth unemployment. According to statistics, the number of young people, from 15 to 24 years old, reaches 1.2 billion in the world. Young people, compared to elderly, become unemployed three times more frequently. According to UN data, in 2015 the unemployment rate for young people all over the world reached 73.4 million, 13.1%. Unfortunately, these number tends to grow. Issues of youth unemployment or partial employment are more vivid in developing countries. However, even in the developed countries the problem is far from being completely resolved. The job market is continuously changing, and young people always have to adapt to new job demands, to obtain new professions or skills. For the young people, education and self-development are principal factors for succeeding in job market, as well as an important indicator for public well-being. This is why professional training and employment issues are included in a separate paragraph in the UN agenda for sustainable development until 2030.

Similar to any international day, the World Youth Skills Day too, is an additional opportunity to raise current issues and to find solutions with joint effort.