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2020-09-27 18:44
Recognition of Artsakh’s independence is on Armenia’s agenda, reports Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said at the National Assembly, answering the question of MP Edmon Marukyan.

‘’To your direct question if there is such an issue on our agenda, I answer yes. That issue is on our agenda like it used to be, but we have to very seriously discuss the issue if we take that step or no and maybe public debate will be initiated’’, Pashinyan said.

The PM noted that they discuss all the possibilities and all the possible development scenarios.

On September 27 early morning the Azerbaijani military has launched a massive cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh, including on civilian settlements. Peaceful settlements are also under bombardment, including the capital city of Stepanakert.

The Azerbaijani side suffered losses in its military equipment, inclusing 4 helicopters, nearly 15 UAVs and10 tanks. The losses of the Defense Army are being clarified.

Dozens of civilians in Artsakh were wounded as a result of the Azerbaijani attack. A woman and a child were killed in the Azerbaijani attack.