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Apply for the Startup Boost Week event

23 March 2021

Startup Boost Week (SBW) is going to be a week-long event, where participating students will have the opportunity to develop teams, shape startup ideas and under mentors’ supervision, present their creative ideas to the experienced jury. SBW_Vol7 will have a semi-online format and will take place between April 5 and 11. The event is going to take place in regions. Youth organizations and local tech companies will become the regional focal points, where student groups of 5-10 will gather to participate in the event. Students will physically be in the regional focal points, whereas the mentors and general staff will be in contact with them via online platforms. Mentors will conduct sessions on idea generation, hypothesis and validation, pitching techniques, and other aspects of startups. After presenting startup ideas to the jury, three teams will win special prizes.
To apply for the program, please fill in this survey.

Registration is open until March 26, 23:59.

The event is implemented by the Catalyst Foundation and is supported by the European Union’s EU4Business “Technology Development for Armenia” project implemented by GIZ. This year SBW has a new format which aims at promoting entrepreneurship among students all over Armenia.




20 May 2021

#HORIZON2100 International Youth Competition of Scientific, Scientific-Practical and Sci-Fi Works

29 April 2021

Apply for the Startup Boost Week event

23 March 2021