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#HORIZON2100 International Youth Competition of Scientific, Scientific-Practical and Sci-Fi Works

29 April 2021

The competition is held in two nominations:

  • For the best scientific article, research, scientific-practical work, reflecting the scientific vision of the future of the planet and humanity at the turn of 2100 and the prospects for the development of various scenarios,
  • For the best Sci-fi work - sci-fi story, essay, reportage, journalism, etc. describing imaginary innovative and original ideas, fantastic events, phenomena, processes and future prospects at the turn of the year 2100, giving them a scientific explanation,

and also offering the best solutions aimed at:

- reducing the vulnerability of humanity in the face of future pandemics;

- creation of prerequisites and mechanisms in any spheres for the development and strengthening of mankind's resilience to possible future challenges;

- the formation of a future in which the authors of the works would like to live on their own, and which, in their opinion, will meet the needs of the present and the needs of future generations.

The profile directions:

- participation in the forum “IMAGE OF THE FUTURE THAT WE WANT: FORESIGHT 2100” in Moscow in  August 2021, where diplomas will be awarded;

-  to present your works on the Internet at:

GRAND PRIX-title is awarded to the best participant in each of the two nominations that and will be announced on the forum.

Certificates in PDF format will be received by all participants.

Diplomas will be awarded to all winners.

The working languages of the Project are Russian and English.

To register and submit a work for the competition, to read the Terms of participation, Directions of the competition - 2021, Recommendations for the design of works, please follow the link:

      -      In English -

For any questions in English, please contact by mail -




20 May 2021

#HORIZON2100 International Youth Competition of Scientific, Scientific-Practical and Sci-Fi Works

29 April 2021

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