"Teach for Armenia" continues to provide access to quality education in Artsakh in post-war period

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Prior to the war, the Educational Foundation “Teach for Armenia” had 24 teachers in various communities of Artsakh.

One of the main objectives of the Foundation is to ensure access to quality education for every pupil, regardless of their place of residence. In this regard, the teachers are sent to the communities of Armenia and Artsakh.

After the war, the goals of "Teach for Armenia" haven't changed. In the interview with Erit. am, Sona Hovhannisyan, marketing manager of the Foundation, informed that several new initiatives have been launched during this time.

“The first phase was the purchase of digital devices because now education is conducted mainly remotely and many pupils in Artsakh had no digital devices to be able to attend classes during the war. We have donated more than 2,500 devices to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Artsakh, which were distributed to pupils. As per our calculations, today we work with every third student of Artsakh with the help of these digital devices. Among them are the students who left Artsakh after the war and took temporary shelter, for example, in the regions of Armenia," noted Sona Hovhannisyan.

Another "Teach for Armenia" initiative is the Emergency Education program, in which more than 60 teachers provide extracurricular education to students, thereby trying to fill the gap that arose during the war months. “The program also includes teachers from Artsakh who used to teach in the communities which are out of the control of Armenia, and thus lost their jobs.” said head of the marketing of the Foundation.

The teachers of “Teach for Armenia” also continue their mission in Artsakh. From the communities that are now outside the Armenian control, the teachers moved to other communities․

“We currently have about 11 teachers in Martuni, Stepanakert, in the districts that are under our control, " Sona Hovhannisyan said.

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